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A device of all the human society, except perhaps most primitive, is the port of clothing or clothing, particularly in public. The primary education goal of clothing is functional, like protection against the elements. In hot climates the functional need for clothing is minimal, whereas in very cold climates it is very high. The shelter reduces usually the functional need for clothing. For example, from the coats, the gloves, etc be normally removed while entering a hot house. Clothing also has other functional goals, such as safety during an activity, such as work or the sport. But even in these contexts, clothing also fills of the social and cultural functions. They generally conform to the modesty and the religious standards of time and the place, and act as social and cultural indicators such as the statute, richness and similar. In these contexts, they also function like forms ornament and expression of personal taste! Clothing nowadays, including functional clothing, has a context of mode.

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